Celebrating Mother's Day in Costa Rica

Mother's Day in Costa Rica

Create unforgettable moments… Today is Mother’s Day in Costa Rica. This is a very special day in Costa Rica. I am writing this piece of my feelings while the older bus driver goes slow and most of the people get anxious. The lady sitting next to me looks so pretty in her red dress. She seems

Celebrating Friendship Day

celebrating friendship day

A friend is the one who listens to you when you need it, the one who feels your pain when you are sad, the one that celebrates your sunny days and is also beside you on your rainy or stormy days. If you have a friend, a sincere one, you are blessed. Costa Rican people

The Real Society and True Nature Service and Adventure Experience

Service and Adventure Program 4

I became interested in the True Nature’s Costa Rica trip last fall when my Citytech NSLS Chapter advisor, Alice Tucker informed us an opportunity to do service work in another country. At first, I was very excited to go because I like traveling and giving back to the community. In addition, I wanted to treat myself

Why Meditation at Work Can Change Everything


Why Meditation at Work Can Change Everything When you hear the word meditation, what do you picture? If your answer is a monk in orange robes sitting in full lotus position somewhere in the mountains, we need to have a talk. Just because meditation has roots in many spiritual practices doesn’t mean it isn’t relevant

CREER Holiday Message From Lindsay


It was many years ago, the first time we welcomed a big group of volunteers from CREER All the neighbors were wanting to connect with them, but the language barrier was there, until the moment when we decided to play soccer. It was not visitors versus locals, we all played together, our language barriers were

Welcoming Home the National Society of Leadership and Success from Costa Rica


Student Travel to Costa Rica The experiences of a lifetime. Stories continue to come in daily from Costa Rica. Messages of gratitude being shared for the National Society of Leadership and Success and True Nature Education group, that just returned back from their Service, Adventure, and Leadership Trip to Costa Rica. A diverse group of

In Case You Needed Some Convincing…


We know how that feels. That itch we get when we think of the open road, flying above the clouds, and stepping foot into territory we have never explored. Good ole’ wanderlust. Travel is such an amazing opportunity to grow our minds, expand our views, and develop our sense of community. Now, what if you

Life Lessons from Costa Rica


True Nature Education is so lucky to work along side with some truly special individuals. Our village leader, Lindsay, has a kind heart and open mind.  Read about her trials and tribulations in Costa Rica, and how these challenges has transformed into learning experiences. Interested in an authentic Costa Rica service adventure? Be sure to

A Taste of Biodynamic Farming and Just One of the Opportunities of Travel Abroad!


When one travels, a new door is opened. A door that leads into a fresh world; full of growth, experience, and shiny new thoughts. With this expansion of our mind, different opportunities are born. We feel inspired and motivated. Why not expose ourselves to this type of transformation through travel? True Nature Education is dedicated to

Seize the Opportunity and Travel with Purpose. A Personal Account on a Service Leadership Trip with NSLS


The National Society of Leadership and Success partners with True Nature Education to bring one of a kind service leadership programs to life in Costa Rica. Each week long excursion has a totally unique group of amazing student leaders who experience moments that truly shape their lives. This past trip was no exception. One of