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The Real Society and True Nature Service and Adventure Experience

Service and Adventure Program 4

I became interested in the True Nature’s Costa Rica trip last fall when my Citytech NSLS Chapter advisor, Alice Tucker informed us an opportunity to do service work in another country. At first, I was very excited to go because I like traveling and giving back to the community. In addition, I wanted to treat myself since I was graduating next year. I did not know what to expect, all I knew that I was going on a new experience that would change my life.

It did.

Service and Adventure Program 1

The great thing was that I was surrounded by other NSLS students from across the United States such as Georgia, Washington, Texas, Minnesota, California, just to name a few. These students were funny, exciting and hardworking people who loved doing service work as much as I did. I learned the impact of giving back to the community and its effect that it has on people when we painted homes for two families, which they expressed their generosity with hugs and a home-cooked meal.

Service and Adventure Program 2

The look on those families’ face made me cry because we were a part of making their homes as pretty as possible. This trip was not all about service but exciting adventures like parasailing and snorkeling, which I faced my fears of drowning. When I did parasailing, I felt like I was bird flying in the air and seeing all of the beauty of the country, it was an unforgettable sight that could not be described into words. With snorkeling, I was terrified but I was guided by one of the tour- men so I when I dipped my head into the water, I saw the beautiful blue and green fish that were swimming around my hands. What an experience! I could not believe that I was doing this.

Service and Adventure Program 3

Service and Adventure Program 4

One of the things that I appreciated most about the trip was that we were surrounded by the nature; all the trees, plants and animals (especially the sloths). I felt that I was at peace being surrounded by Mother Nature. Overall, I was really surprised and proud of myself for what I did, experienced and overcame to truly enjoy the trip. I will never forget this trip and encourage other students to attend, you will not regret it.

Fatimah Ojesanmi, Staten Island, NY

NSLS- New York City College of Technology Chapter

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