The Global Ambassador Project is an online membership program designed for the next generation of stewards of our one and only home, our planet.

Why GAP?

  • GAP is an entry point to the world that goes beyond the classroom.
  • GAP’s parent company, True Nature has over 20 years of offering a holistic approach to travel, rooted in cultural immersion, experiential learning, adventure, nourishing relaxation, personal growth and practice, and a strong sense of community.
  • We understand that travel is a privilege, but no one should be denied access to thoughtful, global perspectives.
  • GAP is a gateway for service-based travel.
  • GAP offers an integrated approach to the challenges of the future using practices of mindfulness, meditation, compassion, and systems thinking.

The Gap Experience

  • Students - Our membership program takes place in an online classroom and is student-led.
  • Faculty - Our core teaching team consists of our own global network of leaders and guides that offer unique perspectives into what it means to truly be a Global Ambassador. 
  • Luminaries - We have brought together today’s foremost thought leaders and spiritual teachers to share their wisdom with the next generation of change-makers on the planet.



How will you benefit from this program as a student?

  • Gain a unique global perspective during your college experience.
  • Opportunities to travel and lead with the GAP Program and True Nature.
  • Use the GAP program on your resume to influence job prospects.
  • Introduce practices such as meditation and mindfulness.
  • How else do you see ways to partner and collaborate with the GAP program?


Learn more about being a Global Ambassador today!



How will you benefit from this program as a university?

  • Giving your students access to a program that offers Service, Culture & Adventure without even leaving campus.
  • Opportunities to deepen partnership with GAP through running True Nature’s Service & Adventure Leadership Program at your university.
  • How else do you see ways to benefit from partnering with the GAP program?
  • Financial partnership models. Let’s explore!


True Nature Education is an educational travel company that provides full service in the planning, support, and guiding of a diverse catalog of trips around the world. We believe in the power of experiential travel and the incredible impact it has on one’s growth.

For questions, feel free to email us at gap@truenatureeducation.com!