True Nature Travels first sprouted out of the True Nature Community and Education Center, which was co-founded by Joshua and Kristin "Luna" Canter in 2003. The community, education, and retreat center, based out of the village of La Florida, Costa Rica, was surrounded by 30 acres of lush landscape filled with coconuts, waterfalls, and jungle, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. True Nature’s retreats and educational programs were held at the center for the first 7 years. Over time, the center began to receive a large volume of groups and visitors. In addition, returning groups were interested in traveling to new destinations. True Nature’s team began to support their groups and teachers by assisting in the coordination of retreats in new locations in Costa Rica and eventually across the globe. True Nature Travels is now coordinating and hosting a diverse catalog of global programs in Costa Rica, Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, Italy, Greece, and various other locations around the world.

During the inception of True Nature while in Costa Rica, co-founders Joshua and Luna Canter also founded the Nonprofit The CREER Service Organization. CREER, which means “to believe” in Spanish, was an offering of gratitude from Joshua and Luna, for the incredible support, generosity, and hospitality that the local Costa Rican community provided upon their arrival in the country and their village. Community, Education, and Service have been at the core of True Nature’s values since its inception and continue to be at the heart of the mission and vision of True Nature Travels today.

True Nature Travels’ holistic approach to travel is deeply rooted in the desire to balance cultural immersion, experiential learning, adventure, nourishing relaxation, personal growth and practice, and a strong sense of community. Integrating service programs (“Karma Yoga”) into the retreats provides an opportunity for our groups to practice selfless service and a way to give back and connect with local communities around the world. True Nature Travels is also committed to the practice of Geotourism, or “best practice” tourism that sustains (or even enhances) the authenticity of each experience.

True Nature Travels aims to provide the highest quality yoga, wellness, adventure, and educational retreats and programs by creating a platform for our guests and leaders to explore their inner and outer worlds at unique and exquisite locations around the globe.

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