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Celebrating Friendship Day

celebrating friendship day
A friend is the one who listens to you when you need it, the one who feels your pain when you are sad, the one that celebrates your sunny days and is also beside you on your rainy or stormy days.
If you have a friend, a sincere one, you are blessed.
Costa Rican people enjoy hanging out with friends, the normal routine for us is to share a cup of coffee with someone! We enjoy talking, laughing and listening.
The world has a special day for the “amigos”, or ‘friendship day.’ I consider everyday is a perfect day for amigos. Every day is friendship day.
celebrating friendship day2
By the moment I am writing this letter, a loved friend is at the hospital. More than my auntie, she is my friend! The one that describes a perfect friend to me.
This afternoon we were noticed that her days are counted. Cancer invaded her body and there is not a lot of things to do, but I trust. I do trust in the POWER of faith.
My faith has been under proof for a long time and I am still believing in the beauty part of the life, that part that encourages you to sit, to breathe and to pray.
Life can be too short. Do not waste your time complaining about the things (there are just things). Invest your time in a good way, doing something else for others, spending the time with the ones you love and try to contact those people you have been almost forgetting because of the hurry of your days, because of the distance, because of the worries.
celebrating friendship day
Sit quietly, close your eyes, make a silent pray and believe in miracles.
While I write it under a palm tree in my garden, I think of her, I think of my friends and I think of you. Yes, I do not know you, but I will. So that means we could have time for giving our best to each others. The reason that will put our lives in the same place, will be volunteering, doing something for others without expecting to get nothing in change.
That is another meaning to the Word friendship: Do the best, give and do not wait to get nothing back, when it happens, many blessings come to your life and that is the way we can help to improve the world.
Friends, amigos… Hope for the day when all the humans can call everyone this way.
The world needs more friends. We can continue learning how to be good friends, the experiences of life will teach us in a easy, hard , happy or sad way, but there is nothing better than call someone mi amigo.
celebrating friendship day