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Celebrating Mother's Day in Costa Rica

Mother's Day in Costa Rica

Create unforgettable moments… Today is Mother’s Day in Costa Rica. This is a very special day in Costa Rica. I am writing this piece of my feelings while the older bus driver goes slow and most of the people get anxious.

The lady sitting next to me looks so pretty in her red dress. She seems to be in her twenties. She wants to get back home soon, because her mother invited her to spend the day together after a terrible fight they had. Wow! All of what you hear while you are sitting in a public bus could give you ideas for writing a book…

A book of real stories, a book of real people.

I guess I am the only one in a t-shirt, sandals, jeans and a pony tail.

I guess I am the only one who doesn’t need to get there now. Soon…

Before leaving home, I could hug my mom. I could kiss my little boys and I could make a cup of chocolate to Keilor. That was my best present. Everything I could need for this special Mother’s Day in Costa Rica. I feel sad for the many flowers people are buying today and throwing tomorrow, when the celebration ends…

Mother's Day in Costa Rica

In about two hours, I will arrive to my destination. To my celebration site. A hospital room where my auntie has been for 27 days. She has been connected to many different machines and she fights for her life. I will spend the next 26 hours with her and I am so excited to enjoy the moments we can create. I will read some of my poems to her. I will sing to her and for sure I will be next to her when she sleeps.

Life brings surprises. Life brings miracles.

God gave us the best present this year. Mom got better. Maybe the same will happen with my auntie. Maybe not.

I feel happy because I have been around before. Because I could make jokes before, because I ate her tortillas, because we walked together too many times. We already created moments. That is why today, as everyday, it is a nice and special day to me.

Mother's Day in Costa Rica tortillas

As a proud Costa Rican, I do enjoy protecting nature. If I die, I don’t want the people to bring flowers. Instead of this, I suggest my loved ones to plant a tree. To plant flowers and not to cry, because I have been so happy. Because there is a chain of good moments we all have been creating here and there.

The best gifts are the ones you can’t find in a store. Appreciate the ones that are giving you time. Love the ones that create time in their schedule, just to be with you.

Happy Mother’s Day in Costa Rica (and fathers, brothers, sisters, cousins, neighbors, pets, etc day! ) All of us deserve a happy day, everyday.

A big thank you to Lindsay Padilla, our Village Ambassador in San Rafael, Costa Rica for this amazing post about Mother’s Day in Costa Rica. Check out our programs in Costa Rica for a chance to work with this inspiring woman.