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Costa Rica is thriving and alive with experience and adventure! This week True Nature Abroad has the privilege of hosting a group of students from The National Society Of Leadership and Success on an educational, service, and adventure trip. On this journey a super awesome Journalism Student and Student President Liaison, Ronnie Marley, will be sharing his daily experience! ENJOY!

Day 2:

Day 2 had a great deal of travel for everyone following our stay near the airport.
Our day started with breakfast, a quick orientation about what to expect in Costa Rica from our tour guide, Marcela and then we loaded up the bus and headed toward our next hotel on the beachfront, Hotel Karahe.
The trip consisted of three different stops across just over a three-hour drive. Our first stop was at a souvenir shop, which had EVERYTHING you could think of in regards to Costa Rica. Everything from sarongs, license plates, clothes and lots and lots of memorabilia. I think just about everyone in the group bought something to take home, some even mentioned they did some Christmas shopping.
img_3315Following that stop, just up the road, we arrived at the “Crocodile Bridge.” This was probably one of the best highlights of the day. It all started with us lining up on a very narrow bridge and looking over the side for crocodiles. They were pretty easy to spot. In all, there had to be almost 10 crocodiles just “chillin” and sunbathing on the side of a river. What was cool about it was we saw two or three crocodiles with their mouths open and we learned something from our tour guide. Crocodiles that have their mouths open aren’t necessarily waiting for food to come to them, it’s actually because they’re hot! They’re trying to cool off! Something I myself didn’t know.

Following that pretty “wicked” stop, we actually went to a grocery store! I know that sounds a little weird considering we packed for a week in Costa Rica. This store had everything you could think of just like home. Coca-Cola, different snacks and an item that was recommended to us called a “Yipi.” They were actually really good, tasted like a Kit Kat bar only BETTER! If you’re ever in Costa Rica, give them a try! One of the cool things about the experience is some of the participants had the chance to use some of the Costa Rica Colones that they got at the airport or before departing. Although I’ll admit, a lot of us just used our credit cards! But hey, it works just the same!
Then about 90 minutes later, we arrived at our destination, Hotel Karahe. For the rest of the afternoon, we were given a lot of free time to enjoy the beach, which was literally a quarter mile from our hotel room. The sound of the ocean waves and the peaceful cool breeze of the wind made the day that much more enjoyable. Some of group took the opportunity to take a swim in the waters, play volleyball with some of the locals and gather around and continue getting to know each other.
The night ended with our first “group circle.” In this circle, each group of five to six members had to create a symbol that a light could shine through the middle of the symbol. Many groups used their legs, arms, hands and even their fingers (some used all three!) There were a lot of different designs and it was great to see the group interaction of all the members.
In closing, as the rain falls here at the hotel, It’s safe to say that the group is beginning to become a family and we’re only on our second day of this adventure!
More tomorrow after our first service project at the monkey sanctuary!