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What meaning do you find in those two words? For myself, I must admit
that the meaning seems to be lacking. Yet I have always enjoyed this
particular holiday, as it is one of the few that remains noncontroversial,
without any associated traditions or religious origins and connotations. It is
truly a unifying holiday, as every adult understands what it is to labor and
enjoy his or her prized days off. Rather than honoring something or
someone else, Labor Day celebrates you and all of your hard work for the
entire year. The holiday was literally founded on the need to have a “you”

As I am sure many of you can relate, I cannot name a single tradition that I
hold for this day. I have memories of enjoying barbecue and sunshine, but
nothing that I would consider an annual tradition. So this year, I encourage
you to create meaning, to discover your own traditions that celebrate you,
and only you.

Whether you are with friends, family or on your own, soak up all that is you
this Labor Day. Although we should strive to cherish the self every day of
the year, on this one particular day let us make it a priority to bask in our
own uniqueness. Give thanks for our strengths and abilities, and even our
flaws, because together these attributes form us. Take these 24 hours to
unplug and appreciate your existence on this beautiful planet. Get out of
the office, away from your computer and social media, and do something
that makes you deeply happy.

Labor Day is quite simply, your day. Make it an annual celebration of
everything that is YOU.