Year of Service in Costa Rica: The Society/TNE


We’ve had an incredible year of service in Costa Rica through our True Nature Costa Rica Service and Adventure Programs in partnership with national leadership organization, The National Society of Leadership and Success. We just wrapped up our 4th outstanding group of students last week representing “The Society” from chapters across the country, participating in global service missions

In Costa Rica with The National Society of Leadership and Success


It’s not everyday that you can play with monkeys, build a school, eat three delicious meals straight from the farmland you are staying on, take a swim and practice a little yoga. But, on a True Nature Education Service and Adventure Program, this is just one day during an action-packed week of activities.    What is

Photos From-the-Road for December Service & Adventure Program with The Society


December is upon is, which means we’re ready to kick off another Costa Rica Service and Adventure Program with members of The National Society of Leadership and Success (aka The Society) from chapters nationwide! Our next amazing group of student leaders touched down on Costa Rica this past Saturday, December 13th, and we could not be more

Letters from Lindsay: Traditional Cheese Empanada Recipe


Preparation Time: 45 Min Difficulty: Very Easy This is a traditional cheese empanada (empanada de queso) that we make for family gatherings. For best results share this recipe with all your family members. Do not forget to drink a cup of Costa Rican coffee, you know as prepared in the village of San Rafael! When we

Letters from Lindsay: The Tico Life


Before you pack and take a plane to Costa Rica, consider reading this. Sometimes I am jealous of the ones that work in a building, with air conditioning and luxury lamps and decorations… But then I take a step back. Look where I live, look where I work. I just sit on my porch and

How I Found My Value By Shaping My Life Around Service


By: Jessica Durivage-Kerridge, Director of Global Relations for True Nature Education I’ve been accused (more than once) of giving away the farm.  Whether it was business advice, personal time, working for free or less than what I should have been paid – you name it.  It was never my intention to work for free.  It

Letters From Lindsay: Amazing Moments


Dear True Nature Community, Hi again! This is Lindsay, your friend in Costa Rica who lives amongst the birds and with the sky and who welcomes with an open heart your groups that visit my small community here. Recently we had a beautiful group from True Nature visit our village to offer their gifts and

Five Reasons Why You Should Travel While You're Young


Hi.  I am Jessica and I work for True Nature Education.  I help out with blogging and do a little marketing and I like to use fancy words like “high level strategic planning”,  yada yada yada.  I’ve been tasked with writing a blog about why it’s important to travel why you are young.  I am

Montessori Adventure in Costa Rica: Farm Tour


On the True Nature Costa Rica Service and Adventure Program this week, we are thrilled to have The New School Montessori returning for another round of adventure with us. Ten students are exploring all that Costa Rica has to offer, and they are blogging from-the-road to keep us posted on their journey.  Here is the first

You Are Not a Tourist – Letters From Lindsay


You are not a tourist… You are an amazing person, traveling so far in order to discover the culture, traditions and history of Costa Rica. Your temporal home is in a rural village, you enjoy eating in the kitchen, close from the woodstove, learning to make tortillas and coffee without an electrical appliance… You are