Want Insight? Go on an Adventure: How Fireworks Opened My Mind This Summer

Fireworks Summer Adventure

By most standards, I’ve lived an adventurous life: horseback trekking in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan, rock climbing in Thailand, spending over a year dancing salsa in Colombia… These big, outer adventures happen because I keep a mindset that welcomes new experiences no matter where I am, so the moment I read the news that Independence

Three Questions for a Path of Purpose this Summer

summer travel

First, I planned a trip to Colombia. Then, a dear friend set her wedding date in California. A few days later, my dad broke his hip in Texas. I live in Florida, so now, I have three big trips planned in the next 2½ months. Here are three questions I plan to take with me

5 Tips to Travel More When You’re a Student

5 tips to travel more when you're a student

  When you’re a student, it can be impossible to think of doing anything other than studying. Dreams of traveling the world may be cast aside as more and more deadlines loom over your head. However, traveling while you’re still young is the perfect way to broaden your horizons and experiences. If you want the

13 Questions & Activities to Help You Discover What You Have to be Grateful For


Every November, our culture finds a sudden appreciation for gratitude. We start to hear “what are you thankful for?” on every corner as people shop for turkey and prepare their Thanksgiving feasts. While I love this holiday, and the reminder to be grateful it brings, I believe gratitude is something we should focus on more

Autumn Explorations: The Art of Senescence


Fall is here and Autumn foliage is upon us! In the coming weeks, millions of leaves will be turning an array of different colors. As leaves stop producing chlorophyll, the deeper green leaves start to change and reveal their true colors– a process called senescence. Autumn is a reminder that change is in the air

Labor Day.


LABOR DAY. What meaning do you find in those two words? For myself, I must admit that the meaning seems to be lacking. Yet I have always enjoyed this particular holiday, as it is one of the few that remains noncontroversial, without any associated traditions or religious origins and connotations. It is truly a unifying

Reflections on my True Nature Italy Retreat


Ever wonder what life on a True Nature Education retreat really looks like? Check out this awesome blog from True Nature retreater, Denneshia Brown, as she gives you an inside view of what to expect during a True Nature Italy retreat!  Reflections on my True Nature Italy retreat I am grateful for the opportunity to

What am I here for?


What am I here for? It’s more than 14 letters creating a question. It is a question that I’d like to answer while I fight against resistance. After having a difficult time, we are probably not completely full of energy. I have been part of that group of people that are tired sometimes, but I always

The Costa Rican Adventure Continues! Baby Sloth Included….


Day 3 and 4 of our great expedition was both educational and rewarding. For Day 3, we traveled to the KSTR or Kids Saving the Rainforest. During a tour of the facility, we learned just how many animals they had at the facility and how they were rescued or rehabilitated and released. Following that tour, we

Costa Rica, Here We Are!


Costa Rica is thriving and alive with experience and adventure! This week True Nature Abroad has the privilege of hosting a group of students from The National Society Of Leadership and Success on an educational, service, and adventure trip. On this journey a super awesome Journalism Student and Student President Liaison, Ronnie Marley, will be