Five Reasons Why You Should Travel While You're Young


Hi.  I am Jessica and I work for True Nature Education.  I help out with blogging and do a little marketing and I like to use fancy words like “high level strategic planning”,  yada yada yada.  I’ve been tasked with writing a blog about why it’s important to travel why you are young.  I am

Montessori Adventure in Costa Rica: Farm Tour


On the True Nature Costa Rica Service and Adventure Program this week, we are thrilled to have The New School Montessori returning for another round of adventure with us. Ten students are exploring all that Costa Rica has to offer, and they are blogging from-the-road to keep us posted on their journey.  Here is the first

You Are Not a Tourist – Letters From Lindsay


You are not a tourist… You are an amazing person, traveling so far in order to discover the culture, traditions and history of Costa Rica. Your temporal home is in a rural village, you enjoy eating in the kitchen, close from the woodstove, learning to make tortillas and coffee without an electrical appliance… You are

Community Service Initiatives: How It All Began


Community service is our heart and soul. From the very beginning, True Nature Education has built itself upon core values of Community, Education, and Service. These continue to be the driving force of our operation. At its roots, TNE owners and directors, Joshua Canter and Kristin Luna Ray, first began this great journey by establishing the

True Nature Fan Appreciation Week! Extending Contest Until Friday!


It’s True Nature Fan Appreciation Week and we could not think of a better way to celebrate than to honor all of YOU!  We have decided to extend our “$40 REI Gift Card for 4,000 Fans” until this Friday so if you have not shared your favorite travel quote on our Facebook Page, there is

Being Something More – The True Nature Teaching Community


It’s not everyday that you think, “Hey, I want to manifest my dream to teach a yoga retreat in another country.”  Let’s face it, life gets in the way doesn’t it?  Finances, families and fears can all stack up to make a pretty good argument why “this may not be the year for your dream.”

Peace Is Always There – Letters From Lindsay


I just went to share a cup of tea with my mother and we found something interesting in her porch. There was a nest and three little birds on it. The baby birds are called yiguirros. They are not as beautiful as the colorful toucans or the scarlet macaws we usually see flying in our rural town,

Costa Rica Adventure & Service Trip: Milford School Journals Part II


Being open to discovery can come at any age.   Realizing the true meaning of travel, learning about new cultures, traditions and ways of life are at the core of what we offer our students who participate in our True Nature Adventure and Service experiences. This poem is an excerpt from a recent trip with

Costa Rica Adventure & Service Trip: Milford School Journals


“It was amazing to see these kids with no technology. Like this is what they do for fun. They don’t watch tv or play video games mainly because they don’t have those things. Yet they still have fun.” Some of our favorite Costa Rica Service and Adventure Retreats are the student focused trips.  To be

Mindful Travel: The Journey of Awakening


For many of us, international travel has become a homogenized, sterile experience and, for the host country, a consumptive, offensive one. We need a new model for travel — a model that allows for discovery and mutual interaction with others at a heartful level. This new model of travel could be called, “Mindful Travel.” Mindful