Catch a Wave


The New School Montessori is still in Costa Rica, and having a great time! Here’s another except from their blog: We woke up this morning and started the day with a group meditation and some yoga. Following a great breakfast (Jim’s famous banana pancakes) we split into three groups for our morning service project. Some

News from The New School Montessori in Costa Rica


The New School Montessori created a blog to highlight their travels to and service learning projects in Costa Rica. They are having a blast! Here are some posts from the past few days: Day One: We’re finally here!!! We arrived late last night and we were so happy to wake up in such a beautiful

A Letter from True Nature Education Village Representative Lindsay Padilla


Dear New Friends, Receive our warm regards from the beautiful and natural village of San Rafael! My name is Lindsay Padilla and I want to let you know that all our kids and community members are counting the days in order to meet you here and I am honored to say thanks on behalf of

Adventure, Reflection, Integration


True Nature Education’s experience’s are multifaceted journeys which utilize the natural environment of Costa Rica while nurturing the True Nature which lies within all of our participants. In the final days of the Mind|Body|Fitness|Yoga Costa Rica Experience participants had the opportunity to explore a wide range of activities which helped to culminate this wonderful retreat.