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Montessori Adventure in Costa Rica: Farm Tour

On the True Nature Costa Rica Service and Adventure Program this week, we are thrilled to have The New School Montessori returning for another round of adventure with us. Ten students are exploring all that Costa Rica has to offer, and they are blogging from-the-road to keep us posted on their journey. 
Here is the first blog they have shared with us from their Costa Rica Blog
This afternoon, we did a reforestation project where we planted saplings in the woods. We walked a trail to where we were planting, where we each received one tree to plant: It was really cool. We dug a hole for our tree and placed the sapling securely inside. Once our tree was safely in the ground, we name them.

On the farm, they raise pigs, and in the surrounding trees, there were wild, three-toed sloths and toucans. Jack was kind enough to lend everybody a peek in his binoculars.

After we came back hot and sweaty, we took a nice relaxing dip in the pool. Although it wasn´t much of a dip, it was more like two hours. While we were swimming it started to pour hard, but we made it fun…

After our long lovely swim, we took a shower and had a delicous dinner. For dinner we ate rice, chicken, salad, and fresh juice.

Ooh, we almost forgot the termites. During the farm tour we came across a termite nest. Our guide, Steven, stuck his finger inside and pulled some out. He told us to try them. YUM!

Hasta Mañana!!!