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Mindfulness in 2015: Tips to Begin Your Year

mindfulnessin2015Set Intentions (It is never too late!)

Mindfulness is based on awareness in the present moment. This presence can also be utilized as a catalyst to set your trajectory into the future by focusing on mindfulness in 2015. From a space of stillness and clarity we often receive visions, ideas, and realizations. Invite your own intentions to sprout forth naturally the next time you are quiet or find yourself in space of mindfulness.
Write down your intentions and revisit them as frequently as you find helpful. Return back to the intentions again at the beginning of next year and reevaluate your path in life.

Gather and Support your Friends and Community

Community can be one of our greatest gifts in life. Following the holidays, which are filled with a wide-range of emotions, and going into the winter, it is a good time to surround yourself with people that nurture, support, and inspire you. As the New Year begins maybe it is time to cultivate some new relationships and take account of your energy and who you share it with. Use your friends and family as a support system to help your follow-through with your intentions for the New Year.

Remember Every Day is a New Day…and a New Year

From a Mindfulness perspective every moment is an opportunity to start again. The New Year is the clear beginning of a new cycle of the calendar and for many of us. The freshness of a new chapter can be inspiring and a reminder of hope. We also can remember that just as the seasons change, the sun rises each morning, and as we take each breath we also have the opportunity to start anew.

“No” is the New “Yes?”

In a time where options are seemingly unlimited, it is a good time to truly contemplate and discern your choices. When options are presented to you, take your time and be mindful in making your next decision. Use a 24 hour period to “meditate” on the situation and seek clarity on this next step, which might be small or large. Realize that saying “no” (and maybe “thank you”) can be just as empowering and rewarding as saying “yes.”

Create More Space

The New Year is a great time to let go and release that which does not serve anymore.
A time to reevaluate what has taken up the space in your full life and make a purge, opening up more room to breathe and be. This might come in the form of letting go of material items (I have a 3 year old and we are donating unused toys this month), reevaluating your daily routine, taking some space from people that might not be nurturing and uplifting you anymore, and carving out time for “you”!

Be of Service

I believe we can never remind ourselves and one another too often of the opportunity to be of service. When we take time to serve others, and put our agendas aside, the rewards are priceless. In a time on the planet where we have so much, we also have more and more people in need. Being of service is a duty in community, and it is also a gift we can offer to ourselves and others. If we all set the intention this year to serve more together w can help support the well-being and happiness of our planet in this coming year.