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5 Tips to Travel More When You’re a Student

5 tips to travel more when you're a student

5 tips to travel more when you're a student


When you’re a student, it can be impossible to think of doing anything other than studying. Dreams of traveling the world may be cast aside as more and more deadlines loom over your head. However, traveling while you’re still young is the perfect way to broaden your horizons and experiences. If you want the best of both ways, here are five tips to travel more when you’re a student.

Save every cent

It’s no secret that traveling isn’t exactly the cheapest experience, which is what puts many students off from doing it in the first place. However, if you’re smart about your budgeting and saving, then it shouldn’t be a problem. Instead of partying every weekend, put that money aside in a savings account instead. According to the Secret Traveller blog on 1Cover, you need to take the amount of money you think you’re going to need and then double it. Always have a backup emergency fund, too.



Consider studying abroad

Travel is already a genuinely educational experience, but what if you could actually learn something while you’re abroad, too? Our Service and Adventure Leadership Program is an excellent way of enhancing your leadership skills and sense of adventure while studying abroad.

There are also plenty of universities around the world that will take you on for a semester or even a whole year, following the same program as you’re following at your own university. Do your research and see if it makes sense for you to study while you’re abroad.

Work abroad, too!

If you’re worried about finances then perhaps you should consider working abroad, too. There are plenty of companies that will match you with someone looking for help on their farm, in their hotel, or at their restaurant or bar. Many will provide accommodation and/or food in return for your help, so all you have to worry about is spending money. If you’ve been wondering how to travel during the summer holidays, then this could be the answer you’re looking for.



Buddy up

A problem shared is a problem halved. Often, it’s cheaper to travel in pairs, as things like hotel rooms are more cost-effective when shared. Not only that, but it’s safer and more sociable, too. If you’re worried about traveling alone or want to save a bit of money, see if anyone wants to come with you. There are also forums dedicated to travel buddies if you don’t have anyone from home who you can take.

Little and often

While many of us have a dream of packing our bags and jetting off for months at a time, sometimes that can’t be done when you’re a student. With this in mind, consider traveling little and often instead. One month, go on a city break. The next month, head to a retreat in the woods. This will give you time to save up money again, while still solving the problem of itchy feet!
Just because you’re a student doesn’t mean you can’t travel as much as you want to. Follow these five tips, and you should be seeing more of the world in no time.

Do you have any other advice for student travelers? Let us know in the comments.