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True Nature Education is so lucky to work along side with some truly special individuals. Our village leader, Lindsay, has a kind heart and open mind.  Read about her trials and tribulations in Costa Rica, and how these challenges has transformed into learning experiences. Interested in an authentic Costa Rica service adventure? Be sure to sign-up for our December trip here!


Learning is fantastic!

It is fun when we can find a way to learn while we enjoy the moment, however for most of the people, not all the places are nice, not all the days are amazing.

As soon as I started writing this, my almost 4 years old who is right next to me, jumps on the bench while he memorizes the days of the week.

There are some people watching us, however I feel happy to see how much energy he has, how much he enjoys his time with me, at the hospital.journeybegins

My last three months have been plenty of visits to the clinic, to the hospital, to the health care center, to the drugstore. When I am not in those places, I am spending hours right next to my mother’s bed, trying to help her as much I can, putting in practice all what I have been learning from the nurses and doctors.

A warrior is right here, resting on a bed. She has been my favorite teacher, the one that helped me to learn all what I know. The one that worked so hard in order to have her kids in the best schools, the one that created a program for helping the local school and church when we moved here, the one that always had a room for the needest people and food and cloth and sholindsayes to give without expecting to get anything back.

She is our priority now. We need to learn more, she is a real model to me, to all of us.She deserves to live! And I hope she will be fine soon, very soon.

Maybe someone may think that my son should be sitting next to me. Maybe someone may think that I should ask him to wait in a complete silence. Maybe I should do both things, but I am not doing anything.
He is happy, I feel happy and she feels happy to know we are fine.

His happiness gives me a reason to feel peace. There is a story inside of me, that no one of the present people here know. They do not really know how much I have been crying, how much I have been suffering.
Now it is time for me to join his happiness!
It is time to enjoy.
I am learning. We do not have to judge the people.
No one knows what is behind a smile.

My three suggestions for today and forever are:
1. Enjoy the moments
2. Learn from the ones that helped to build your own story.
3. Believe, don’t judge and never, never complain.beach2