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CREER Holiday Message From Lindsay


It was many years ago, the first time we welcomed a big group of volunteers from CREER All the neighbors were wanting to connect with them, but the language barrier was there, until the moment when we decided to play soccer. It was not visitors versus locals, we all played together, our language barriers were broken for ever, and the first connection was made! That was the first day we welcomed Joshua, Luna and our bond was formed. At the beginning, they came to San Rafael, my village, as part of the group, before they said goodbye, they were part of our family. A big family that is growing year by year.


I could mention so many projects we have completed with CREER. As I walk through my village I am reminded, I can see how the color changes the panorama when I go to the local school, I can see an English classroom that also has been constructed with love, when I go to church, I can see how beautiful it looks, how easy is for the people to walk now that we have a big sidewalk instead of pieces of broken blocks. When we help the people to learn how to read, we do not have to do it outdoor anymore, because we have two classrooms right next to the church where the local people have the opportunity to go and learn.  Nothing like the pleasure of learning and the honor of teaching others. Every day, the kids go to eat and play at the Health Center. It wasn’t paint since 17 years ago. It was a very old building and because of CREER, it looks beautiful and colorful.  CREER has also helped our neighbors in their daily labors, at the chicken farm, at the sheep farm, planting, building, painting, repairing houses, improving their economy through the home stay programs and mainly, spending quality time. Time that will never return, minutes of their life, sharing a part of their vacation with my people.

I send my blessings to you, CREER and True Nature Education. I’d like to thank you and all the ones that have been making it possible, the ones right there in the office, the family and relatives of the ones that have been here, and all of the volunteers and workers. Let’s celebrate life, the blessings, and the pleasure to share and live as a family. In the end, we all belong to the same planet. Let’s forget the nationalities, we all were born to be part of the change that our Mother Earth needs.

Thank you CREER for your many years of service.

Happy Holidays from Costa Rica and from my heart!

-Lindsay Padilla