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Travel Tip Tuesday: Slow Down and Enjoy the Pura Vida

Take Part in the Pura Vida Lifestyle

If you are coming from the high paced culture of the United States or Canada, you will find that, almost immediately, in Costa Rica things move much slower. You have two choices: resist, or go with the flow. Of course, we always recommend going with the flow! Take time to enjoy some serious hammock time, watch the sunset, spend time with your loved ones, plan less, and experience more…

You may have heard the motto Pura Vida in discussions concerning Costa Rica. This is the motto of the ticos, meaning the “pure life.” It comes as no surprise that Costa Ricans have a deep value and appreciation for the beautiful country that they live in, with the abundance of clean air, clean drinking water, clean food, that translates into a clear and pure way of life. For this reason you will find that as you travel the country you will be surrounded by this energy in which locals slow down their pace of life to be mindful within each and every moment of a joyous celebration of the simple yet fulfilling factors that contribute to the Pura Vida.

As you travel through the cities and the rolling countryside of Costa Rica, engage with the ticos by simply murmuring “Pura Vida!” and you will immediately light up the faces of those you are engaging with. This phrase, embodying the general mentality and pace of life of the country, is one that reflects happiness, well-being, conformity, and satisfaction with their beautiful homeland that you can become a part of. Locals take much time to enjoy and be fruitful with friends and families, and if you take the time to engage with them, you will find that they will most often immediately invite you to share in this pace of life.



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