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Adventure, Reflection, Integration

True Nature Education’s experience’s are multifaceted journeys which utilize the natural environment of Costa Rica while nurturing the True Nature which lies within all of our participants. In the final days of the Mind|Body|Fitness|Yoga Costa Rica Experience participants had the opportunity to explore a wide range of activities which helped to culminate this wonderful retreat. A highlight for anyone who visits Costa Rica is the Canopy Zipline. Soaring high above the jungle and river’s below is an unforgettable and sometimes heart wrenching experience. Still, after many years of ziplining I still feel the rush of energy as I pick up speed and feel my feet leave the ground. Pushing our limits often helps us break through barriers in our life. This Costa Rica experience is a key example of this.

Reflection is an important element in life and on retreat. As the week began to come to a close we had the opportunity to reflect on our full and rich week together. We revisited our intentions and began to look forward at the tools that we can take back to our lives at home. The closing circle was a moving opportunity to share our reflection, our intentions, and our tools that we will take with us to support our integration. Although the retreat is now over, it is an opportunity for a new beginning as we return home, with new insights, wisdom, and experience to share with the world.