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Letting Go to Your Own True Nature…

Last night we took part iCR2010-0647n our TNE “Letting go exercise”. The focus of the exercise is to let go of something and
welcome some new energy into our lives. For many in the group, it was the first time taking part in an exercise like this.
To let go is the most superior way of telling the Universe… and ourselves: I trust.
Is to give up the need to be right and it is certainly a great way to recognize where we have an opening to a new way of seeing things.
But it goes beyond that… It touches our most intimate self-limitations, challenges us and compromises us to a new door that we didn’t know of. A door where self pitty and comfort zones are not welcome, a door where our higher Self lives and rules. A door to truly be as High and shinning as we are in the ultimate reality.
And the actual fact is that we belong to that path. We deserve to live where Trust reigns and we know we are deeply loved and supported at all times. We deserve to know that there is so much more in the invisible permanently for us… and that we can simply let ourselves go.  And flow, and trust.  And learn from that one hill, that turns into the Universe when we stand up and see ourselves from the true love perspective.
True letting Go is a state of mind. Permanent and Absolute… It is the one road that will take us to the peace and the Joy that we were meant to have from our very first day on this Earth.
Letting Go is a leap of faith to fall in the arms of the unknown and being happy about it. Every day, every hour and every minute.
Letting Go at the end is our ultimate  present moment decision to enter the sacred waters of trust and float on  them forever.
And the awesome part of this is that as we let go.. We truly open ourselves to everything!
Surprises come, gates open, people shows up, happy coincidences happen every minute. Synchronicity turns to be our way of life.
We get used to feel loved and supported and life changes… it will never be the same now.
Now we know… and we already crossed the Wisdom line. We are born again to a new Being.. and every moment Life starts again.
Blogging from the Field
Olga Saenz
True Nature Education Group Leader