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5 Essential Survival Skills Every Adventure Traveler Should Master
Nature-based travel has become our escape from the stress of the pandemic, a means to restoring our connection to Mother Earth. While we are getting back to restorative yoga retreats, some still crave the adrenaline-packed adventure trips that help you feel pure exhilaration while escaping the pandemic-related chaos. The preparation process for your typical retreat is completely different from what you need to do in order to brace yourself for an adventure. We’ve decided to address this vital safety topic.

Especially if this is your very first adventurous road trip or camping getaway, there are a few crucial skills you should master before you hit the road. Ensuring your own safety and the safety of your travel companions will help you enjoy your adventure even more and allow you to immerse yourself in the natural wealth you’re about to discover!

Get to know the geography

5 Essential Survival Skills Every Adventure Traveler Should Master
We’ve grown accustomed to our phones and the built-in GPS systems that help us move around without putting too much thought into it. Alas, when you’re in the wild, and especially if your phone battery gives out or you lose reception, you need to be able to get back to your car or camping zone without getting lost.

Research the area you’re going to explore, so that you learn about the topography beforehand, as well as any potentially dangerous zones to avoid. Always bring a physical map with you, so that you can get back safely in case your gadgets fail you!

First aid and CPR essential skills

5 Essential Survival Skills Every Adventure Traveler Should Master
When you’re on your own, or with few people around you, but away from civilization, you need to be aware of potential health emergencies. Especially if someone in your group has allergies or could potentially experience a cardiac episode. In such situations, it’s best to master the basics of CPR and first aid to be properly equipped to provide emergency assistance.

First and foremost, always bring a first aid kit and check that you have enough supplies for all. Additionally, practice these essential skills before you go off the grid. By doing so, you’ll be much safer during your adventure outings and able to provide medical assistance until you can reach a hospital safely.

Ensuring clean water

5 Essential Survival Skills Every Adventure Traveler Should MasterClean water in nature doesn’t mean that you can safely drink it, no matter how translucent or cool and fresh it might be based on your personal assessment. Clean water means that you have eliminated pathogens and potential microorganisms that could be harmful to your health. It’s always advisable to boil the water you find in nature.

Additionally, you can use portable water filters designed for such occasions, to help adventure travelers drink water safely wherever they are! However, you should ideally bring your own drinking water or find a nearby place where you can purchase it.

Learn how to start (and manage) a fire

5 Essential Survival Skills Every Adventure Traveler Should Master
It’s one thing when you have designated barbecue areas and safe fire pits, but when you’re out in the wild and on your own, you should learn how to start and control a fire. Meaning you should be able to keep yourself warm, prepare food and boil water safely. You should also avoid losing control over the fire and potentially wreaking havoc on the local flora and fauna.

This should be practiced in a safe area in your backyard or with someone more experienced. You can start by collecting tinder such as twigs, leaves, dry grass, or other items that will ignite easily. Next, use rocks or something equally safe to create a fire bed that will control the expansion of the flame. You can even try out some of the gritty ways to start a fire. With little to no assistance from modern tools, you can be fully prepared for any scenario.

Packing essentials for an adventure

When you’re planning your yoga retreat, you’ll likely focus on soothing things such as setting up your ideal playlist or packing the most comfortable pair of leggings. For an adventure, you need a completely different approach to packing. Here’s a list of the most essential must-haves to keep in mind:

  • A multipurpose knife to help you with food preparation, terrain difficulties, lighting fires, and other tasks.
  • A tent and sleeping bags for you and your travel companions if you plan to sleep under the stars. Make sure they are waterproof and suitable for the climate in which you’ll spend your adventure.
  • A flashlight that is both durable and perhaps waterproof if you plan on some boating, or any other water-based activities.
  • Clothing layers. Temperatures might suddenly change and you could experience bad weather. It’s good to have waterproof and windproof garments to keep you safe and prevent health issues.
  • The necessary means to build a fire. You cannot rely on available resources on the premises and should always plan ahead by bringing two lighters since matches are unreliable.

Adventure trips should by no means jeopardize the safety of your travel companions, no matter how exciting or thrilling they might be. Staying healthy, safe, and mindful of your surroundings is crucial for such escapades. Allowing you the freedom to enjoy all activities and destinations you choose with peace of mind. Create a careful plan for your adventure, and make sure you put a strong emphasis on safety for all!





True Nature Travels Blog

If you’re a self-professed homebody, you could seriously benefit from a change of scenery. Spending time in nature could improve your physical and mental health, ward off illness, and actually make you happier! As the Father of Western Medicine, Hippocrates, once said, “Nature itself is the best physician.” If you’re curious about the health benefits you can reap from being outside, read on! Below, we cover 13 reasons to soak up everything nature has to offer. Read on for the best benefits of getting outdoors.


If you’ve been feeling blue, visit somewhere green! A recent study found that men and women who spent just 20 minutes in a park setting reported a 64% hike in life satisfaction. (hike- HA, see what we did there?)

The best news? Participants’ satisfaction levels had nothing to do with physical activity! Simply visiting the park boosted well-being. Of course, movement adds a plethora of additional health benefits.

Benefits of getting outdoors


Regular sun exposure is the best source of vitamin D. An estimated 40% of U.S. men and women are vitamin D deficient, which can lead to some pretty scary health implications, including depression, cancer, and osteoporosis.

Penciling in your time outside around midday is ideal, especially if you’re short on time, as UVB rays reach their peak around noon. Exposure later in the day has been linked to skin cancer.


Sunlight does so much more than boost vitamin D levels… It can actually lower your blood pressure! Researchers report that the nitric oxide present in the skin responds to the sun’s rays by widening blood vessels, resulting in lower blood pressure.

Although study participants whose blood pressure was in the normal range noticed a minimal drop, it’s believed that folks with high blood pressure would likely experience a more significant change.


Inflammation has been linked to a host of health problems, from autoimmune disorders to depression and even cancer. Various studies have shown that spending time in green spaces reduces inflammation.

Men and women of all ages can benefit from this natural inflammation-buster. From healthy, college-aged males to elderly patients,  there was a marked difference in inflammation among individuals who spent time in the forest.

Benefits of getting outdoors


Surprisingly, spending time outdoors in childhood could lead to better vision later in life. A recent Canadian study found that spending time in nature greatly reduces the risk of myopia, more commonly known as nearsightedness.

Believe it or not, one-third of U.S. adults experience myopia, and one key contributor is a lack of outdoor time in childhood. If you have children, encourage them to spend time outdoors daily to preserve their vision later on. It’s easier than getting them to eat carrots right?


Struggling to snooze? Going outdoors could improve your quality of sleep, according to Stanford Medicine. It seems that increasing the amount of time an individual spends outside helps to regulate body temperature, along with the sleep-wake cycle, otherwise known as the circadian rhythm.

While spending time in nature could lead to better sleep for people of all ages, the benefits seem to be most notable for men over the age of 65.

Benefits of getting outdoors


Whether you venture outside to relax or workout, you’ll burn more calories than if you had stayed inside. While outdoors, the body works hard to balance CO2 levels and consume oxygen, both of which require more energy, leading to a higher calorie burn.

Outdoor workouts are particularly effective because the body must constantly adapt to the terrain. Plus, outdoor fitness tends to be more enjoyable, so you’re more likely to stick to a routine.


It probably comes as no surprise that outdoor time can have a positive effect on mood. In an interview with National Geographic, author Florence Williams discussed an experiment she conducted to track her own happiness over a one-year period. In addition to spending time with friends, vacationing, and listening to music, Williams discovered that being outdoors made her incredibly happy.

The boost in mood from being outside may be due, in part, to nature’s ability to zap anxiety and ruminating thoughts. A 2015 study published by Science Direct found that folks who walked in a wooded area reported a better emotional state when compared to study participants who walked in an urban location. If you live in a city, try to schedule regular trips to green areas for mood-lifting benefits.


One of the best remedies for stress, anxiety, and other mental health concerns is spending time in nature. According to NBC News, “forest bathing” is a Japanese practice that has caught on here in the States. To begin your own practice, simply spend time in a forest or wooded area regularly.

So, how exactly does becoming one with nature lead to improved mental health? Studies show that walking in a green environment lowers the stress hormone cortisol. While cortisol is vital for optimal mental and physical health, elevated levels have been linked to a menagerie of health problems, including anxiety, depression, memory and concentration problems, and even sleep disorders.

Benefits of getting outdoors


Exposure to nature may be the best medicine for healing and pain relief. Research indicates that patients who undergo surgery experience quicker recovery and don’t require as much pain relief when exposed to green spaces.

In addition to recovery from surgical procedures, “green exercise,” or exercising in nature, is suggested for chronic pain sufferers.


If you’re prone to illness, getting outdoors may help. Research suggests that spending time in nature wards off everything from diabetes and ADHD to cardiovascular disease and cancer. This is largely due to the relaxed state that nature promotes.

Forests are particularly beneficial for the immune system, as plants produce phytoncides, which have been shown to increase natural killer cells—a type of white blood cell in humans. Plus, sun exposure strengthens infection-fighting T cells.

Benefits of getting outdoors


As humans, we’re social creatures who need regular interaction with others. Spending time outdoors is a great way to connect with other people, whether it’s at the local dog park, beach, or sports field.

According to Psychology Today, an active social life boosts feelings of well-being, as well as the immune system. Social interaction is also great for brain health, and can even ward off dementia. Plus, social folks tend to live longer! But really, we don’t need a study to tell us that we’re much more interactive when we’re not on our phones.

Benefits of getting outdoors-


It’s not a fluke that the best ideas come to us when we’re in a relaxed state. A great way to promote creativity is by unplugging and enjoying time in nature. The key is disconnecting from technology, including social media, and giving your mind a much-needed respite.

In everyday life, most individuals are on a constant mission to accomplish as much as possible, resulting in decreased focus. Thankfully, it seems nature has the ability to restore attention, which can lead to improved creativity.

In fact, most of our ideas for TripOutside come from being on a hike and not from trying to force new concepts on the whiteboard.


Science suggests that spending 120 minutes in nature each week is ideal for optimal health and well-being. While getting outside daily could undoubtedly make you feel better, researchers note that the recommended two hours per week doesn’t have to be divvied up evenly. That’s great news for folks who live in urban areas, have limited access to nature, and those with hectic schedules. Whether you venture outdoors one day per week or seven, you’ll reap the rewards.


We’d be remiss not to mention a few tried-and-true tips for enhancing your outdoor adventures and keeping yourself safe:

  • Know where to go: Although there is so much information available, it can link to analysis paralysis on where to go. We love apps like AllTrails that can help you find the closest hike or outdoor activity to you and filter by distance, how strenuous it is and read reviews from others.
  • Dress for the weather: Check the forecast before venturing out, and be prepared for possible weather conditions, such as rain or snow.
  • Wear sunscreen: Broad-spectrum sunscreen is a must, whether it’s bright and sunny or cloudy and gray. If you’ll be physically active or in water, opt for sweat and water-resistant protection.
  • Stay hydrated: Be sure to tote along plenty of water and a snack, along with a meal if you’ll be off the grid for an extended period of time.
  • Check-in with loved ones: Before making your way to the park or forest, let your loved ones know exactly where you’ll be, as cell reception may be spotty.

Venturing outside on a regular basis will undoubtedly have positive short-term and long-term effects on your overall health and well-being. While you’ll likely notice an immediate difference in your mood and energy level, consider keeping a written record of your outdoor adventures and any changes in your health, as many benefits tend to occur gradually.

Most importantly, enjoy your time away from the daily grind!

Ps: We also hope that by spending time outside, we’ll all appreciate nature more and work towards preserving it for future generations.

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Julie Singh is passionate about outdoor adventure, wildlife and conservation. She spends her free time mountain biking, hiking, paddleboarding, and snowboarding, and she also loves to challenge herself with new outdoor adventures. Julie spent 15 years in Retail, Merchandising and Finance, leading teams and growing large businesses before she co-founded TripOutside with her husband Reet.

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By most standards, I’ve lived an adventurous life: horseback trekking in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan, rock climbing in Thailand, spending over a year dancing salsa in Colombia…

These big, outer adventures happen because I keep a mindset that welcomes new experiences no matter where I am, so the moment I read the news that Independence Day fireworks were scheduled for our local beach here in South Florida, I felt called to go. I knew it would be an adventure!

I have a vivid childhood memory of sitting joyfully in the bed of a pickup truck with my cousins in rural Massachusetts, eating ice cream, and watching as fireworks lit the summer sky above the pine forest. I can still hear my aunt oohing and ahhing with each explosion.

For Buddhists, the sky evokes the vast, spacious nature of consciousness, while mandalas represent the cosmology of the Universe. Peering into the heavens and “merging” the mind with the sky can elicit a sky-like quality of awareness. When fireworks throw luminous mandalas all over the heavens, such meditation occurs naturally. The mind clears, and the psyche kaleidoscopes into open awe.

Since I also formed beautiful memories of this holiday ritual during childhood, I can easily tap into the inner child wonder of it all.


Going for a firework adventure this year led to these six meditative insights:


Just as the sand mandalas of the Tibetan tradition are steadfastly assembled, with careful attention to detail, then dissolved in a whoosh, fireworks offer us an organized expression of sparkling beauty, followed by nothing to hold on to. The image centers us in the present moment, then asks us to let go. With non-attachment, we get to keep moving and avoid getting stuck.



For ten minutes or more, hundreds of packages – painstakingly designed and assembled by mysterious hands – shoot into the air and explode with color and creativity. Each one is unique, a surprise. The glimmering diversity cries out: “Be prolific! Bring all your inspired ideas into being! Life is short. What are you waiting for? Create!”


To hear what a firework teaches, you have to put down your phone and get direct. Take your experience in through the eyes, the ears, the lens of the mind, the lungs breathing, the reverberations in the bones. Don’t try to capture a copy for later. Pay full attention. Let your life straight in as it unfolds. No filter.


AdventureWe recognize childhood as a sacred time, so we give children rituals to bless their lives, tapping them into self-discovery and the amazing world around them. We sing with them, tell them stories, and count the stars. We show them how to hear the ocean in a shell. We take them to see fireworks.

Adulthood deserves reverence, too. Bless your adult life with regular holiday rituals and adventures of discovery. Reinvent traditions. Do things you’ve never done before. Use your imagination! Psst… When there’s a fireworks show in your neighborhood, go!


What yearning keeps calling to you? Stop ignoring it! This is your true self asking you to cooperate. Do what you yearn for sooner, and like a firework, be quick about it! Don’t hesitate! If the way is dark like the night sky, trust that when you light the fuse of your own yearning, the path will appear.

Choose Something Glorious and Go All In

Choice is the secret sauce of being a human. Choice gives us the power to change, to face our fears, to forgive, and to connect.

Choose what inspires you the way a firework goes all in and showers the world with breath-taking beauty. Don’t hold back. The spark you have inside of you is sacred. Let it become a bright gift to the world.

In the end, the best thing about having an adventurous spirit isn’t the adventures themselves or even the memories they create; it’s the way exploring opens us up to insights about ourselves, others, and the world.

When you do something different, it shifts your seeing, so plan an adventure today!



Delana Thompson helps spiritually-inclined entrepreneurs express their hearts and expand their influence with authentic copywriting, project management,delana thompson and professional delivery of their online content. Her clients include teachers and practitioners of meditation, yoga, ayurveda, shamanic healing, astrology, and fine art. When she’s not writing marketing emails or designing landing pages, you’ll find Delana salsa dancing, practicing meditation, planning a trip, listening to a podcast, speaking Spanish, or missing all her faraway friends. Visit Delana on LinkedIn to learn more about her business.