Step by Step Guide for Creating and Leading a True Nature Trip

Anyone who chooses to lead a trip with True Nature Travels will work directly with members of the True Nature operations team; our team is experienced and dedicated to making sure every detail of your trip is taken care of. Below is a step-by-step guide of the process involved in leading a trip with True Nature. For questions or to start planning your trip, contact us at

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Step by Step Guide for Creating and Leading a True Nature Trip

Step One: Pick Your Dates

Most True Nature trips are between six and eight nights. For student groups, we recommend picking a week that coincides with school breaks (i.e. winter, spring, and summer break). For adult groups, we run year-round and can schedule the trip based on your groups availability and prefered timeline. If you have a week in mind, we can start from there! Alternatively, we can discuss the best times to visit different countries and choose a date based on that information.

Step Two: Choose an Itinerary

Once we have set your dates, we can begin to design your itinerary. We will provide you with a range of options based on the time of year you are traveling, the type of excursions that interest your group (i.e. cultural, environmental, service), the demographic of your group, and more. Our itineraries are highly customizable and we will work with you to design the perfect trip for your group.

Step Three: Open Your Trip to Enrollments

Once we have finalized the dates, location, and itinerary, True Nature will begin designing a personalized web page for your trip. Our operations team will send the web page and registration page for your approval, then we will go live and open your trip to enrollments! The web page will house all of the information people need to know about the trip and the registration form will allow them to enroll.

Step Four: Spread the Word

Now that your trip is open to enrollments, it’s time to spread the word! As soon as your trip is “live,” we will connect you with our marketing team, who will help you target your promotional efforts to increase sign-ups for your trip.

Step Five: Prepare for Your Trip

Once we have reached the trip minimum and confirmed your retreat, our operations team will walk you through all the details you need to know before leaving your home country. This includes important arrival information, helpful travel tools, and details regarding flights, meals, accommodations, activities, and more.

Step Six: Enjoy the Journey

Before you know, it will be time to go! Upon arriving in-country, you will meet your True Nature Group Leader. These regional experts will take care of every detail during your trip to make sure you can feel taken care of and at-ease as you experience life as a local. Your True Nature Group Leader will take you off-the-beaten path and help you find the best local spots while also ensuring any needs that arise are taken care of completely and efficiently. With the help of your True Nature guide, you will participate in immersive activities, eat authentic meals, and meet local community members.

Step Seven: Return to Home Sweet Home

Welcome back! Now that you have returned, it is time to digest and share your experiences. True Nature will reach out to your group members with an evaluation survey so that we may receive feedback that will allow us to continue to make our trips the best they can be. We will also support you and your group through the reintegration process with opportunities to share their experiences on the True Nature blog. We can also help you plan local service projects or reunions to keep the experience alive!

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