Take Your Team to the Next Level!

Professional Adventure Retreats: Team Building Around the World

Bring fresh life to your team by hosting a professional adventure retreat. Come together in unique destinations around the world and allow our True Nature Group Leaders to help you build trust, increase communications, and create a more collaborative and productive team.

Our customized experiential-based programs are geared toward professionals and businesses who seek to improve management and production in their staff through ongoing education and higher level development. Since 2002, True Nature has been organizing retreats around the world. Time and time again we have seen how the unique experiences and challenges of international travel help companies bond and grow together.

The professional adventure retreats can range from five to ten days and include the following:

  • Comfortable accommodations in safe and beautiful locations around the world
  • Healthy and delicious meals throughout your stay
  • Yoga and meditation classes taught by expert yoga and wellness professionals
  • Adventure activities and excursions
  • Service projects that build leadership and management skills
  • A True Nature Group Leader to facilitate the retreat and take care of any and all needs

Planning your Professional Adventure Retreats

Collaboration is a key component at True Nature. We work closely with our clients to design a personalized itinerary that is specific to your company and your goals for the retreat. Together we will pick the dates, location, activities/excursions, service projects, wellness offerings, and more. Ultimately, these elements of our customized retreats promote team building while helping with stress reduction. Our underlying value of mindfulness allows our groups to expand their communications skills and techniques for both individual and team reflection. The highly qualified and talented professionals who facilitate our program will bring the right combination of leadership and spaciousness to ensure a challenging, productive, and FUN global experience!

Experiential Learning

"It is our goal at True Nature to give people an opportunity to take a step outside of their normal lives and experience a new way of travel and education that leaves a lasting impact on their lives and the lives of others." – Joshua Canter, Co-Founder, True Nature Education

Our experiential learning process focuses on both the group and individual experience. We ensure that each person has a chance to learn from real-life experiences, while also facilitating group activities that help teams bond and learn to work together. These experiences have been shown to improve creative thinking and problem solving, cultivate deeper team trust, and build lasting bonds between team members.

By partnering together, we will create an experience that is both life-changing for the individual and beneficial to your company's bottom line.

The professional adventure retreats are for every rung of your company’s ladder; executives, managers, working teams; every branch of your team can benefit from individual growth and team bonding and training. This trip can be viewed both as a team building adventure and an integral part of your company's rewards program. Everybody wins!

"A group becomes a team when each member is sure enough of himself and his contribution to praise the skill of the others." – Norman S Hidle

Sample Itinerary

The True Nature professional adventure retreats are highly customizable to meet your group's wants and needs. We will work closely with you to design a unique itinerary for your retreat. However, here is a sample itinerary so you may get an idea of what these retreats look like.

Sample Itinerary

First Day: Arrival
Introduction and Welcome
Intentions and Reflections
Short restorative yoga session (20 minutes)
Short meditation – present moment and expectations for the week

Second Day: “Creating Community”
Morning movement session
Development session on the idea of a company as a community
Evening activity (excursions, cooking classes, etc.)

Third Day: Building a Team
Morning movement session
Development session on recognizing team strengths
Service project #1
Evening activity (excursions, cooking classes, etc.)

Fourth Day: Stress Reduction
Walking meditation
Service project #2
Rest time and spa sessions
Development session on self-care and stress reduction tools  

Fifth Day: Openness, Respect & Trust
Morning movement session
Development session on building, giving, and earning trust
Adventure excursions (i.e. Zip-lining, ATV Tour, etc.)
Night hike

Sixth Day: Leadership and Communication
Morning movement session
Development session on discovering your inner leader
Rest day; spa day or optional activity
Evening off

Seventh Day: Closing Short Yoga and Meditation
Closing circle
Fill out evaluation worksheet
Leave for airport