Peace Is Always There – Letters From Lindsay

yiguirro-ave-nacional-costa-ricaI just went to share a cup of tea with my mother and we found something interesting in her porch. There was a nest and three little birds on it. The baby birds are called yiguirros. They are not as beautiful as the colorful toucans or the scarlet macaws we usually see flying in our rural town, but yiguirro is our national bird and these birds decided to make their nest in my mother's home!
How amazing and what a real honor to host the birds at home! We talked about this blessing from Heaven and took some pictures and the birds continued there, in peace.
That makes me think of life. We can feel peace if we create peace inside us; when we start to see the positive things, when we take a minute to see the colors of nature and when we listen to the wind, to the silence, peace is all around, peace is always there.
P1060703Sometimes I get presents and I love to open presents, that is why I want to share this with you guys, because the way I am opening this present is sharing this amazing moment with you.
The baby yiguirros are going to leave their nest soon and they will be always free... But they will always have a place to visit and to stay if they want to come again.

May you have an amazing week...

CK_Costa_Rica_True_Nature_2014-189 Lindsay Padilla is a nature lover and mom of two boys. She has been teaching Spanish since 2006 and working for the development of rural communities in Costa Rica. She enjoys writing, reading and swimming.

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