We Are All One Team! A Note From a Costa Rican Village Leader

Love in details...

And I start typing this letter while Costa Rica plays vs Canada.

All the family is together in our home, we are eating pejibayes and enjoying the moment. Soccer is part of the most important things for the Costa Rican people, you will discover this very soon.
Inspiration comes even when we pay attention to the game, to my three years old who is kicking a ball in my porch, to the rain that sometimes makes the tv signal become so poor... When there is not a good way to watch the game, we start talking, we imagine how interesting it could be to be there, doing our best in the soccer field...
Almost all the Costa Ricans are getting togetCosta-Rica-World-Cup-Gambling-Oddsher tonight... Almost all the Costa Rican are asking God to protect the goalkeeper... I am join them!!!
 Life is like a soccer game. We need to work together, we need to protect our team, we need to do our best... There are many people around, many people that are just watching, many people that are expecting to do the job in a better way, however they are just expecting to do it...They are not in the soccer field!
I feel passion for the colors of my flag. I am this kind of person who feels emotion when listening the national anthem, I am this kind of person who is proud about her country, about her planet, about the universe...
Tonight I am wearing my t'shirt...
Small details are the best! I just imagine how amazing it could be if I could have the courage to wear the t'shirt not only for the soccer game, but for life, for a better world. I'd like to have a team, my team, your team, our team...
It is clear we can make our best, we can make a difference if we all forget a7hjZj9K718ADrXbj8VKmr1LeHKnBwjtmci_lMaW75LQbout the limits, about the borders. If we play for a reason. If we play with love.
Seriously, life may not be like a game sometimes, however we can try to enjoy, we can try to play and have fun.
Having too many reasons to be happy, it is a waste of time to be sad...to be angry... to be indifferent.
A new volunteer team is coming soon, We are ready to start playing, enjoying, living the moment, experiencing love in the small details...
I love my family, I love to share with them, I am sure we all will love to share what we are, how we live, with you...
This is the second time and I am not sure if Costa Rica will win the game, however I am happy, I won... I spent the night in a happy way, I am still celebrating to have too many amazing people around and more people amazing people coming, like you.
See you soon, team!
Pura Vida!
-Lindsay Padilla

 Lindsay Padilla has been a dedicated True Nature Village Leader the past 8 years. She is committed to serving her community and supporting True Nature's groups that visit her village. She is also a wonderful mother of two.

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