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Is your school missing a study abroad connection to Costa Rica? Are your students presently finding real opportunities to gain awareness of themselves and other cultures, understanding through reflection and wisdom gained from direct experience?

With True Nature Education, you can take advantage of over ten years of experience running student travel abroad programs with our core mission to offer holistic, experiential abroad programs that nourishes both the mind, body and soul of our students.

Our programs are customizable and easy to facilitate. We have long-term relationships with local communities, giving students a completely immersed experience in Costa Rican culture. Our core values include mindfulness and service learning. We off our students techniques to help support their full moment by moment immersion in Costa Rica, while also providing various opportunities to embrace the opportunity to give back and be of service. Partner with True Nature Education to plan your own unique study abroad program and give your students a life-changing and transformational experience they will never forget.

Roots in the Educational Community

In 2007, True Nature Education founder, Joshua Canter, taught the first True Nature Education accredited college course through Prescott College. This helped to establish the foundation of our True Nature Education Student Travel Program. Prescott College has continued to work with True Nature Education along with students from various universities.

“My intention during my course with True Nature Education was to truly observe an intentional community to see if it would really fit into my life or if it was a fantasy. One of the tools I have learned, just in the short time I’ve been here, is that so many of my needs (our needs) can be met through community.” – Abigail Vorce, Prescott College Student

Please contact us if you think your college would be interested in creating in travel abroad program with True Nature Education.

Why Choose True Nature Education?

Waldorf & Montessori

With an emphasis on experiential travel and service, our values go hand-in-hand with Montessori and Waldorf philosophies. Our core mission focuses on offering unique and diverse programs that educate and inspire our students. Immersing students in service work and experiential activities creates a nourishing environment for unique individual growth. By working with the local community and becoming exposed to new cultures, students will come home from this program as a true global citizen.

Colleges and Universities

True Nature Education provides various opportunities for students to take part in independent studies as well as Alternative Winter/Spring/Summer Breaks. From service learning, to outdoor education, spanish immersion to biology, True Nature Education can help you to establish the connections and organization you need to support your personal growth through your own independent study.

Our partnership with The National Society of Leadership and Success and other similar organizations has given us the opportunity to work with students from numerous universities throughout the country. The Society has chapters at 375 Universities and has over 300,000 members.

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How it Works

  1. Schedule a call with True Nature Education to learn all you need to know.
  2. Select or customize a trip itinerary and a time of year that fits your school's schedule.
  3. Plan and market your retreat with TNE.
  4. Lead or participate in your trip.
  5. Receive free accommodations, airfare, and other benefits for chaperones.

Learn More about other travel opportunities with True Nature which include holistic health, nutrition, meditation, and yoga.
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