For thousands of years, the value of service has been an important part of society. In a time where our world is becoming an increasingly global family, both growing and struggling together, we believe that our choices are more important than ever. The choice to be of service, especially when you travel abroad, is an honorable and noble choice that we celebrate with our participants.

The Costa Rica Service and Adventure Program (CSAP) has been our flagship program over the past 10 years. The program began in the village of La Florida, Costa Rica, where the original True Nature Community property was based. From their the program has spread throughout the country of Costa Rica, giving our guests the opportunity to take part in service and adventure experiences in a wide-range of locations.

The CSAP exciting new way to experience the authentic rich culture of the incredible country while also doing work to support its people and communities through preservation of the land and the environment.  In a time where our world is becoming more and more of a global family, what better way to be part of the bridge of support we are creating?


Experience "Authentic" Costa Rica

Throughout the program, you are sure to have an unforgettable experience, full of adventures through the Costa Rica landscape, connections with the local people, and outreach work.

During the program you will the opportunity to participate in several service projects which can include:

  • Animal rehabilitation at a monkey sanctuary
  • Reforestation of the Children Eternal Rainforest
  • Taking part in an intercultural exchange at a local school
  • Doing a renovation project on a structure in a local village
  • Caring for endangered turtles
  • The opportunity to share your individual gifts with the local villagers (i.e. art, music, dance, sports)


Planning Your Custom Service and Adventure Trip

The Costa Rica Service and Adventure Program is ideal for groups of all sizes, we have coordinated trips with individuals, couples, families,
schools, religious and spiritual organizations, businesses, and more.

Here are some factors to consider when planning your custom retreat:

  • Length of Trip
  • Number of people in your group
  • Destinations (how many different sites would you like to stay at and visit?)
  • Do you want to have a True Nature Education guide with you?  If so, would you like a guide for the duration of the trip or a just a portion?
  • What type of excursion(s) would you like on your trip. (Please see the Trip Information Page for a plethora of activies and excursions available to you while in Costa Rica!)
  • How much Service Work would you like to be organized into your trip.
    More information on the type of Service Work we recommend is on the Service Page.
  • Do you need support with making flight arrangements?

Once you have an idea about what you are interested in, simply contact True Nature Education and we will set-up a trip planning meeting during which we will all necessary details with you personally. We prefer to do this initially via phone so as to provide more direct answers and gain a clear idea of what you are looking for during a shorter period of time. If you are interested or have more questions, please contact

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